Your automotive battery contains a material called electrolyte or acid, which is needed for the battery to work properly. Unfortunately, this same material also acts as a catalyst for corrosion – the seal between the battery housing and the post can vent a small amount of acid fumes which, when combined with humidity, heat, dirt, grease and oil, can accelerate the corrosion process. Even though using a 100% copper conductor will provide maximum power from the battery to the starter, a copper cable is very susceptible to corrosion. A corroded cable will gradually wear down the battery’s ability to deliver maximum starting power and, over time, this will negatively affect the entire starting system. In fact, some technicians estimate that nearly half of all battery failures have cable-related problems! If you have battery issues, install a sealed custom battery cable AND clear the battery post of all corrosion using a cleaning brush.

Eben CaldwellComment